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Is fur the same as leather?

Posted by oneandonlyhypnos on March 2, 2009

I’m fed up with hearing that fur is the same as leather. Why you might ask? Because it is an all or nothing approach to the problem. It’s black and white. Either the wearing and using of ALL animal products is bad, or it isn’t. That is simply not logical, contrary to what some people believe. You must have heard it many times during discussions on internet boards or in real life: You eat meat don’t you? Well, fur or leather is the same…and other such logical fallacies.

Actually this sort of argument is easily refuted. Most fur comes from animals that were killed specifically for their fur, contrary to leather. For leather they are normally killed primarily for food. Off course you could say that killing animals for food is not necessary and that you either most become a vegan or shut up and buy fur coats and kill even more animals (yes, that seems very ethical and quite logical).

This does not make sense, since you can justify just about anything being done to animals this way. Are you against bull fighting? You can’t, because you eat meat. And meat is cruel too! You are against cock fights? Dog fights?

We can go even a bit further and explore how logical this argument really is. By the same reasoning used to defend killing animals for luxury fur items, we could could come to some mind boggling conclusions. What would happen if we applied this way of thinking to…lets say the environment.

Are you against dumping oil into the sea? Why would you? You drive a car don’t you, that pollutes the environment too? It must be ok!!!

I don’t now what you are thinking, but there seems te be a fatal flaw in this all or nothing type of reasoning. You can use it to justify anything that you like. Perhaps it is nothing more than a self serving argument? Think about it.

Some fur fashionista’s could state that the fur industry is cruel, but less cruel than the meat industry. Again, logical errors are being made. You can’t defend the cruelties of one type of industry, by simply pointing the finger at another industry. You could do exactly the same with bull fighting or cock fighting. And some supporters of these practices actually do this (no kidding). Also, I haven’t seen any free range mink or foxes out there on these fur farms where these – essentially – wild animals are being kept in small cages.

This is free range chicken:

free range

This is a caged fox bred for fur:


I don’t know about you, but I do see a significant difference.

Other people will defend fur by pointing the finger at evil animal right activists. This is also not correct. What about traditional animal welfare organizations like the RSPCA? They are also against fur. So are many other organizations. The world is bigger than PETA and their naked anti fur ads. But yes, animal rightists are also against fur. And indeed, I am myself also a vegetarian. But even when I was a meat eater, I was against fur. I always have been, as are many others. I can understand why people eat meat, I can respect that and I will not deny that a vegan diet has some setbacks. When you are a vegan, you have to take B12 supplements for example…because you can only get that particular vitamin from animal products (such as eggs, actually this entire matter is a difficult debate in itself). Do you have to take pills because you don’t wear fur? NO! Do we have to wear fur in order to survive? NO. Is fur humane? NO. Let’s ditch it.

The reality behind the glamour?


5 Responses to “Is fur the same as leather?”

  1. Yes, but put that fox in amongst those free range chickens, and imagine the carnage… sorry, couldn’t resist it: a totally pointless point! I agree with what you’re saying – the argument you’re suggesting (fur = leather) sounds like a “strawman” argument – however illogical that is, its difficult to argue against such people.

  2. Yes, it is difficult to argue against such people… It happened to me yesterday (LOL). But I hate being called emotional and illogical, while my opponent is actually like that. Sure, I can’t deny that emotion is involved in it as well. I like animals, but there is more to this discussion then just emotions.

    Carnage? Chickens can unleash their own sort of carnage on unsuspected predators too!

    Just check this chicken out…

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  5. youneedntknow said

    No, because te animal used for fur is only for that purpose, while cows are used for food, also. Fur is also cruel becuse we can use synthetic fur, too, that looks just as great.

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