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Victory in the fight against fur!

Posted by oneandonlyhypnos on April 4, 2009

The fight against fur once seemed to be an almost impossible undertaking, but more and more victory seems to be within our grasp.

Recently major retailer JC Penny decided to go fur free! Even better is the announcement that the italian Benetton group will go fur free as of 2010. (link )

With their new fur-free policy, Benetton and all of its influential brands are sending a powerful message that cruelty has no place in fashion,” said Andrew Page, senior director of the Fur-Free campaign for The HSUS. “We are thrilled to recognize Italy’s largest retailer for setting a new standard of compassion — one which will undeniably reverberate throughout the global fashion industry.”

In order to improve the moral of everyone who fights fur – and to utterly destroy the good mood of fur loving fashionistas): allow me to present you with a list of recent victories and evidence that this cruel international trade is being taken into a stranglehold…

1. In recent years fur breeding was made illegal in the United Kingdom, Austria, Croatia and Bosnia Hercegovina.
2. In Holland the fur farming of foxes and chinchilla’s has been outlawed. And now parliament is discussing outlawing mink fur farming as well.
3. Fox fur farming has been outlawed in Sweden and is currently being discussed in Denmark.
4. Pressure in mounting in Norway to pass legislation against the fur trade, especially now that disturbing footage has been made public of norwegian fur farms. Fur farms that were supposed to be amongst the best in the world…Where have we heard that before? If you want to see the footage, visit this
5. Cat and dog fur have been made illegal in the European Union (such legislation is still necessary in the US). And yes, much cat and dog fur is being used in fur products. French customs officers recently confiscated a large batch of illegal dog fur trim.
6. In Ireland, pressure is mounting to outlaw fur farming
7. Israel is well on it’s way to become the very first fur free nation in the entire world. Knesset member Nitzan Horowitz proposed legislation that will outlaw not only the production of fur, but also all import of this unnecessary and cruel product. More information can be found on the site of the international anti-fur coalition

One of the reasons for the proposed ban is again, dog fur…

Last month, a report on Israel’s channel 10, led by SPCA Israel and International Anti-Fur Coalition, had revealed that items from the top fashion chain stores to cheap toys in bazaars, that what was being sold as fake fur was indeed real fur. Lab tests had shown that several articles taken from leading Israeli brands and sold as fake fur were made of dog and rabbit fur!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the fight against fur. It would seem that some sense of decency, morality and empathy is going to win out against fashion whims and vanity. At least let us hope so. Untill then, I will march against the fur industry. Are you with me?

Than lets march on…

And yes, I do like to play command and conquer, perhaps a bit to much…


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