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Fur industry: Is the end in sight?

Posted by oneandonlyhypnos on January 20, 2010

Crosspost: empathy for animals blog

Is the end in sight for the fur industry? The most cruel and superfluous industry in existence has been targeted by both animal rights AND animal welfare groups (such as the RSPCA) for decades. And – especially within the EU – more and more cracks are appearing in this international framework of organized animal cruelty. Fur production has been banned in Ireland, Scotland, England, Austria, Croatia (not even a member state of the EU), … partial fur bans already exist in traditional fur producing countries such as Holland, Denmark and Sweden.

The recent fur fashion ‘outings’ and extravagancies by celebs is supposedly bringing back fur, but to me it is now clear that the end is coming for this cruel and disgusting business.

Why am I so convinced? Well, in the wake of recent animal welfare scandals on scandinavian fur farms, an investigation was conducted by Danish officials, and the results of this investigation proves what animal activists have been saying. Yes, officials are agreeing with activists as far as I can gather.

So, now nobody can deny it: it isn’t isolated, it isn’t staged, sure as hell the animal activists didn’t ‘torture’ the animals themselves to make pictures of it and blame it on ‘innocent breeders’… or any of that other crazy nonsense.

Here is an intersting article (in danish): mink suffer on fur farms

If you want to read it in full, use google translate (or learn danish :D). I will translate only a segment:

På de farme, vi har besøgt, har jeg set mange eksempler på grov og uansvarlig behandling af dyrene, og avlere, som ikke følger enkle lovkrav, der skal forbedre minkenes velfærd, siger ledende dyrlæge for veterinærrejseholdet, Flemming Marker, til avisen.

Summary: On the visited farms, many animals were found that were treated in an unresponsible manner. Breeders were found not to follow the law that was put in place to improve the welfare of mink (according to Flemming Marker).

The article also stated that the animals were clearly suffering and seemed to agree with the picture painted by animal activists of fur farms.

I think it is great that officials in a traditional fur country are speaking out against the practices in fur farms. This – to me – is a clear sign that we are heading in the right direction (to bad for fur fashionistas and designers).

Even better is that countries such as Norway and Danmark are supposed to produce the best fur in regards to animal welfare (and don’t forget the so-called ‘origin assured label’). Any honest, right thinking person cannot dismiss the facts: fur is cruel. The facts and reports are out there. Animal welfare activists are against it, animal rights activists are against it and even more and more vets and officials seem to be calling out the sector.

I hope this will one day happen in countries like the USA or Canada, where – as far as I can gather – the laws and control measures put in place, are far more lax than here in the European Union. What do you think? Is this the beginning of the end for fur? Or shouldn’t we be celebrating just yet?

If you would like more information about the recent fur industry scandals in Denmark and Norway, I’ve written a post about it some time ago with much more information: Minkbreeders charged with animal abuse


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