No to fur



What is this blog about?

As you might be able to gather from the title, this weblog is about fur. As you also might be able to gather from the title, I am not pro fur. Actually, I am totally against it. If you are pro fur, don’t stop reading. I bother to read what my ‘adversaries’ have to say too.

What can I expect from this blog?

I will make contributions regarding fur, fur farming, trapping, hunting, celebrities and fur, anti-fur protest, fur industry claims will be scrutinized… So in short: you can expect alot from me. I will leave no fur coat unturned in my quest for ‘infurmation’.

Do you have other blogs?

Yes, I have. If you can read dutch, you can always visit my blog about animal liberation/rights and ecological issues…


Who are you telling us not to wear fur!

I am asking you to entertain the notion that fur is not ethically sound. I am not demanding anything from you. I offer only a different opinion… As loud as possible.

Is eating meat not the same as killing animals for fur?

No. It is not. I am a vegetarian though.

Killing animals for fur has nothing to do with ‘eating’ or being healthy.There are people out there that have an allergy to soy, you’ve got meat eating cats and dogs and other animals, some diseases where it is sometimes advised to eat meat, …

On top of that: ‘fur farming’ keeps essentially wild animals in an environment that is not adapted to their needs. I have heard of free range chickens and I can see livestock grazing in the great outdoors, I have never seen any mink raised and kept this way. Have you?

Why are you a vegetarian then?

Ethics and a strong sense of optimism that the world can change for the better.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. NG Lynd said

    Are you in the Netherlands? How cool is that?

  2. I’m from Belgium, the dutch speaking region. So I’m flemish.

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