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Pink and Ricky Gervais: best anti-fur clip ever

Posted by oneandonlyhypnos on March 10, 2009

As I have said before, I don’t always agree with PETA, but this new video released by the animal rights group is well done! Thumbs up on this one. Check it out for yourself:

This is the way to do activism. It’s short, funny and to the point. It gets your message out there and hopefully will help people reconsider what they put in their wardrobe.

If anyone reading this thinks he or she can defend the international fur industry: go ahead. Try me! As far as I can see it’s gross, unethical, wrong and cleary unnecessary. There, I’ve said it.


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Official: Madonna is the worst dressed celeb

Posted by oneandonlyhypnos on March 5, 2009

…according to PETA. I can’t say I don’t agree. Recently PETA announced the ‘winner’ of the ‘worst dressed celebrity 2009 contest’.

The contest is being organized yearly by animal rights organization PETA via their website, where visitors get to choose who’s made the worst fashion statements.

I don’t necessarily agree with PETA all the time, but this contest is great. It sends out a nice signal that fur is wrong and wearing it promotes clear and totally unnecessary suffering.

The release on their website is accompanied by this interesting video by Tim Gunn on fur:

Now on to the celeb bashing *evil grin*

PETA on madonna:

When you see Madonna in fur, you realize why nobody has copied her style since 1984. We know that she’s on the prowl for a young cub, but someone needs to tell Madge that wearing fur doesn’t make you a cougar.

The very familiar Olsen twins are in the spotlights again:

Since fur adds 20 years and 20 pounds, maybe Mary Kate and Ashley think their matronly wardrobe will deflect the gossip about bulimia. Somewhere, someone is missing a matching pair of Bigfoot bobble head dolls.

You can find the rest on their site

I’m note going to bother with posting my own view on fur again. For those interested, here is my previous post that should explain my view: fur

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the animal friendly battlestar

Posted by oneandonlyhypnos on March 4, 2009

I have a confession to make. I’m addicted to science-fiction. I loved it all my life and I never can get enough of it. Like many, I’m a fan of Battlestar Galactica. It’s not only a great story with theological and philosophical questions being raised throughout the whopping story line. The cast seems also attentive of the plight of animals.

Recently Jamie Bamber posed in a PETA campaign against bear fur: Bare skin, not bear skin

Jamie Bamber

PETA states on it’s website:

he series has been so full of exciting plot twists and surprises that it’s anybody’s guess right up until the last minute, but fans can always count on Jamie Bamber’s character, Lee “Apollo” Adama, to fight for justice and help those in need—and always look really good doing it! It didn’t surprise us that Jamie is like that in real life too. That’s why he bared his skin in PETA’s newest ad to help save black bears killed for their fur.

Each year, countless black bears in Canada are shot and killed, often in front of their cubs, using a cruel practice called “bait and shoot,” which is banned in British Columbia and many U.S. states. Their fur is then sent to the U.K. to be used to make caps for the Queen’s guards.

Jambie Bamber is not the only one on the cast who cares about animals. Tricia Helfer is a huge animal lover and has lended her face to several campaigns, including this PETA campaign:

Besides the PETA campaign, she has made donations to the Richmond Animal Protection Society (R.A.P.S.).

You can find more information on her blog

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fur: the spark of a celebrity war

Posted by oneandonlyhypnos on February 19, 2009

Fur has been a controversial subject for several decades. It seems that almost no one is left without strong feelings against or pro fur. And anyone who follows the media and has not been living on the planet Mars is surely well aware of this.

The way I look at it, Hollywood and celebrities reflect our society…up to a degree off course. What lives in the media has an influence on us all. When somebody wants to make a point and wants to reach people, celebs will be involved. If you want to sell a product (fur, or for what I care a ball of string: celebs!).

Not only does it reflect our society, we often are influenced by them. They are – in their own way – powerful people and can sway public opinion.

When I turn my TV on I can see that a big and controversial subject – the theme of this blog by the way – is being fought on the small/big screen, in the tabloids, blogs, sites, magazines,…

And that subject is fur. Is it ethical to farm animals for fur? Is it o.k. to trap animals and kill theme to have a little bit of trim? People feel strongly about this, not just activists, but just about everybody it seems.

There seems to be some sort of divide in society, some are totally against and others totally pro. There is no doubt about it, the ‘battle’ of fur rages in the media. Take this recent article for example: celebs wearinf fur

It shows pictures of celebrities turning to fur as a ‘fashion statement’: people included are Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson, Kelly Rowland or Demi Moore. Naturally not left without respons from animal right protesters, welfarists and others.

On the other side we can find people like Pamela Anderson, Pink (Alicia Moore), Christina Applegate, Jamelia, Christy Turlington, Christina Aguilera (wears only fake fur) or singer Leona Lewis

Lewis for example is a woman who clearly feels very strongly about fur, as she is quoted as saying:

She added to Britain’s Hello! magazine: “I don’t have anything against the store or the owner – all I am against is fur. I think it’s totally cruel and I can’t endorse or support anything related to that as it’s against my beliefs, no matter what you pay me.

Apparently she turned down one million pounds to open a shop that sells fur (this proves off course: if you want to sell something, try to use celebs). Personally, I have a lot of respect for that.

Anyways…with this small opening post I just wanted to make clear what this blog is about: fur and how society looks at it, the ethics of it all, pro’s and cons, fur addicted celebrities and the anti-fur celebs battling it out… It is going to be an interesting ride.

OK…I could not resist it, just about any site on the net about this topic is apparently packing at least one PETA poster against fur…here is mine

Christy Turlington

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